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Car Care Kits

Two reasons you should strongly consider purchasing your detailing products in a kit: First and foremost, you save a big chunk of change – up to 40% in some cases. Who doesn’t like saving money? That’s what we thought!

Second, you save time because we’ve already done all the hard work for you. Each and every car care kit and its respective contents are designed to work as a system. Our educated team of detailing experts knows exactly which microfiber towel or applicator to pair with each item, and in which order to use them. From interior cleaning and conditioning, to wheel and tire care, and everything else in between, you’ll find a car care kit that suits your needs on this page.

Best Microfiber Towel KitBest Microfiber Towel Kit
Regular Price:$258.77Our Price:$179.99
BLACKFIRE Wet Ice Over Fire KitBLACKFIRE Wet Ice Over Fire Kit
Regular Price:$134.93Our Price:$95.00
BLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Wax KitBLACKFIRE Midnight Sun Wax Kit
Regular Price:$192.90Our Price:$149.99
BLACKFIRE Wet-Ice over Fire Total Kit BLACKFIRE Wet-Ice over Fire Total Kit
Regular Price:$175.91Our Price:$134.99
BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond KitBLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Kit
Regular Price:$129.93Our Price:$99.99
BLACKFIRE Wash & Dry ComboBLACKFIRE Wash & Dry Combo
Regular Price:$68.96Our Price:$49.99
BLACKFIRE Wheel and Tire KitBLACKFIRE Wheel and Tire Kit
Regular Price:$81.93Our Price:$65.00
Regular Price:$118.44Our Price:$89.99
BLACKFIRE Leather Care ComboBLACKFIRE Leather Care Combo
Regular Price:$67.97Our Price:$49.99
BLACKFIRE Quick Interior KitBLACKFIRE Quick Interior Kit
Regular Price:$57.75Our Price:$45.00
BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt ComboBLACKFIRE Clay Mitt Combo
Regular Price:$55.48Our Price:$39.99
BLACKFIRE Wash & Seal KitBLACKFIRE Wash & Seal Kit
Regular Price:$126.93Our Price:$89.99
BLACKFIRE Total Swirl Remover KitBLACKFIRE Total Swirl Remover Kit
Regular Price:$204.72Our Price:$159.99
BLACKFIRE Porter Cable Swirl Remover KitBLACKFIRE Porter Cable Swirl Remover Kit
Regular Price:$354.71Our Price:$279.99
BLACKFIRE Flex Swirl Remover KitBLACKFIRE Flex Swirl Remover Kit
Regular Price:$594.71Our Price:$545.00
Dual Action 6.5 Inch CCS Foam Pad KitDual Action 6.5 Inch CCS Foam Pad Kit
Regular Price:$89.92Our Price:$69.99
Dual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad KitDual Action 6.5 inch XL Foam Pad Kit
Regular Price:$133.80Our Price:$99.99
Lake Country 5.5 x 7/8 Inch CCS Foam Pad KitLake Country 5.5 x 7/8 Inch CCS Foam Pad Kit
Regular Price:$126.86Our Price:$99.99
Mega Cyclo KitMega Cyclo Kit
Regular Price:$445.56Our Price:$359.99
Makita 9237CX2 Rotary Polisher 8.5 inch Pad KitMakita 9237CX2 Rotary Polisher 8.5 inch Pad Kit
Regular Price:$296.95Our Price:$269.99