Blackfire Production Detail Kit

Blackfire Production Detail Kit
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Product Description

The quick car clean-up kit!

We put the Blackfire Production Detail Kit together for our customers who are looking for every product they would need to take their paint from lackluster to blockbuster! The Blackfire Production Detail Kit has you covered in every step of the paint revolution process. From the decontamination to the correction to the durable and glossy protection, you’ll have a grade-A professional product that you can rely on to last!

Items in this kit:

Blackfire BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax
BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax is a formulated mix of German-sourced Montan Wax and Wet Diamond polymers and is designed to bond to your vehicle's paint surface and provide a mile-deep gloss for the ultimate wet-shine look on all colors—including dark paints! This product is heat resistant and will keep your vehicle protected against ultraviolet light and natural contaminants like bird droppings, acid rain, and mineral deposits. We’ve turned our BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax into a liquid application that will yield just as amazing results!

Blackfire One Step
BLACKFIRE One Step is an all-in-one product that will remove light swirls and paint dullness from your paint while also laying down an intense, high-grade paint sealant onto the surface. A genuine one step product, BLACKFIRE One Step is perfect for professional detailers looking to enhance their service selection, as well as the DIY enthusiast that wants high-performing product that isn’t complicated. BLACKFIRE One Step is here to change the paint perfecting game – and it’s already performing!

Blackfire Clay Lubricant

BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant has a polymer rich formula allows clay to glide over the surface without sticking or scratching. The clay lubricant provides a slippery coating between the clay bar and the paint to protect the paint from grit picked up by the clay. Cleaners in BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant remove clay residue as you work, keeping the paint cleaner. The lubricants condition synthetic clay bars to extend their usable life.

Blackfire Poly Clay
The perfect jaw-dropping shine starts with clean, smooth paint. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay is an advanced synthetic detailing clay bar that deep cleans the paint and creates a perfectly smooth surface ready for polishing, glazing, sealing, or waxing. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay works on all paint finishes, including clear coats. It is easy to work with and leaves almost no residue on the surface of the vehicle. Poly Clay does not dry out with age and does not decompose with repeated applications. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay leaves auto paint feeling slick, clean, and silky.

Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth
The Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth is woven specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and we promise you’ll never use anything else!

Kit includes
1 x 32 oz. Blackfire BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax
1 x 32 oz. Blackfire One Step
1 x 32 oz. Blackfire Clay Lubricant
1 x Blackfire Poly Clay (2 x 100 gram clay bars)
3 x 16” x 16” Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth

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