BLACKFIRE Bucket Clay Kit

BLACKFIRE Bucket Clay Kit
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Product Description

Decontaminate your car as you wash it!

Decontaminating your car as you wash it can save you a step in the detailing procedure. When you decontaminate as you wash, not only does your car get a good wash, but you can use the same products to fight off any harmful contaminates plaguing your car.

Start by washing your car with BLACKFIRE Car Wash, a powerful clean that will have your car in envy with just the first step. A car wash isn’t a proper car wash without the use the of the BLACKFIRE Wash Bucket with Grit Guard. It may be obvious that you need a bucket of soapy water to clean a car, but the Grit Guard is where the magic happens. The Girt Guard traps any dirt and debris to the bottom of the bucket so that you don’t pick it up again during the next soap application. The handy Speed Master Clay Mitt and the adaptable Speed Master Clay Towel allow you save time from using clay bars, and instead spend more time finding and destroying the contaminants on your car. The sticky surface of the clay will detect any defects in your clear coat and pick them up along the way. Complete this washing and claying process with a Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave finish. This Waffle Weave towel is more absorbent that most towels and has a powerful attraction to dirt and lint, leaving your car ready for the next step in the detailing process.

Items in this kit:

BLACKFIRE Car Wash cleans your vehicle and renews the shine every time you wash your car. BLACKFIRE's tri-polymers replenish and reinforce existing paint protection. Incredible Tuff Suds II technology creates mountains of suds to help float away grime and dirt, without scratching the finish. Drying agents help reduce water spotting and make drying easier. BLACKFIRE Car Wash helps your vehicle look just waxed after every wash!

BLACKFIRE Black Wash Bucket With Grit Guard
The 5 Gallon Wash Bucket is a must-have for any detailer, hobbyist or professional. Fill it up with your favorite car shampoo and you’ll have plenty of soapy water to clean your car, truck, or SUV. With the Grit Guard Insert dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your car wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard Insert has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard Insert calm the wash water and hold the grid above the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket!

Speed Master Clay Towel
The Speed Master Clay Towel is the perfect compromise for the detailer who likes the effectiveness of a clay bar, but the ease of a towel. The Speed Master Clay Towel effortlessly removes contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. The foldability of the Speed Master Clay Towel not only allows multiple uses, but also allows you to get those hard to reach spots that a clay bar wouldn’t be able to.

Speed Master Clay Mitt
The Speed Master Clay Mitt is a contaminant’s worst nightmare. The Speed Master Clay Mitt quickly and rapidly removes embedded contaminants off your car’s surface using its tough, impurity grabbing, clay outer grip. The Speed Master Clay Mitt can also be used then washing down a car to seize contaminants when wet. When needed again, simple rinse and re-use the Speed Mater Clay Mitt.

Guzzler Waffle Weave
The Guzzler features a plush, 80/20 waffle weave that increases its surface area for greater moisture absorption. The towel can absorb 7 times its own weight in water! In fact, this towel is 20% plusher than our other waffle weave towels to give it even an even greater capacity for moisture! It will not scratch any surface and it has a magnetic charge that attracts lint and dirt. This towel will leave the inside and the outside of your vehicle spotless!

Kit includes
1 x 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Car Wash
1 x 5 gal. BLACKFIRE Wash Bucket with Grit Guard 1 x 12” x 12” Speed Master Clay Towel
1 x 5.5” x 8.5” Speed Master Clay Mitt
1 x 20” x 40” Guzzle Waffle Weave

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