BLACKFIRE Drill Metal Polishing Kit

BLACKFIRE Drill Metal Polishing Kit
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Product Description

Shine bright like a metallic wheel!

When your wheels need that extra notch of polishing, the BLACKFIRE Drill Metal Polishing kit has your back. The BLACKFIRE Metal Polish is your one-stop-shop for polishing perfection. Getting rid of oxidization, rust, corrosion and fine scratches is what BLACKFIRE Metal Polish does best. This kit comes with two options for applicators. The 3” Lake Country Wool Ball Polishing Ball polishes spots on your wheel that flat pads can’t reach. As soft as this polishing ball may be, it still cuts through oxidation and discolorations on a multitude of surfaces. The Microfiber Applicator Pad is as soft as luscious hair, nonabrasive and safe to us on the delicate surfaces. No matter which applicator you use (try both!), wipe your wheels clean with an All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Don’t be deceived by the softness of these towels, they are tough as nails on dirt and grime lingering on your wheels. Who knew wheels could look so good?

Items in this kit:

BLACKFIRE Metal Polish
After detailing your car to near perfection, all that’s left is to shine up the metal portions. BLACKFIRE Metal Polish restores metal to its original finish and leaves the area haze free. Oxygen is impossible to resist, but with the BLACKFIRE Metal Polish, you can quickly remove the lingering effects of oxidization. Rust, corrosion, fine scratches and other defects are no match for the BLACKFIRE Metal Polish, which is safe to use on aluminum, chrome and stainless-steel finishes. This product is easy to use and leaves your metal surfaces shining with brilliance.

Lake Country Wool-Ball Polishing Ball
The Lake Country Wool-Ball goes where wool pads can’t! The round wool polishing ball polishes between spokes and in concave spaces where flat wool pads just can’t reach. Cut through oxidation and discoloration on metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, gel coats, and composites with the Lake Country Wool-Ball!

Microfiber Applicator Pad
With over 200,000 strands of advanced microfibers per square inch, nothing matches its ability to remove dirt, residues, and surface oxidation. An 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend of “split” weave fibers, 100 times finer than a human hair, ensure smooth and even wax distribution. This advanced microfiber fabric is a lint free material. Microfiber Applicator Pads are angel hair soft, and completely non-abrasive, so they are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces.

Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels
Pick up All Purpose Microfiber Towels in all the available colors to color-code your detailing towels for different detailing jobs! This will prevent cross-contamination and give you a huge supply of quality microfiber!

Kit includes
1 x 16 oz. BLACKFIRE Metal Polish
1 x 3” Lake Country Wool-Ball Polishing Ball
2 x 4” x 3” Microfiber Applicator Pad
3 x 16” x 16” Grey All Purpose Microfiber Towels

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