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BLACKFIRE Ultimate Degreasing Kit

BLACKFIRE Ultimate Degreasing Kit
Item #:BF-155-ULKIT
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Product Description

Degrease every surface imaginable!

The BLACKFIRE Ultimate Degreasing Kit combines the ultra-cleaning power of BLACKFIRE’s cleaners for a kit that ensures every surface you could think of can be degreased! Engine compartments? Check! Undercarriages? Check! Random grease spot in the garage that just won’t clean? Check! Thanks to the cleaning power provided by BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser, BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner, and BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser, you’ll never have to deal with hard-to-clean greasy surfaces again!

BLACKFIRE Ultimate Degreasing Kit includes:

32 oz. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser
BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser was created to succeed where all other cleaners fail. When you are working on areas of your car that are covered in caked on grime and grease, BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser will quickly break them down and make removing those messes easier than it has ever been before. While BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is extremely powerful, it can easily be diluted for optimal results in whatever you need it for! Even though BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser packs a heavy punch, its phosphate and residue free formula is biodegradable, making it perfectly safe for you and any environment you use it in!

32 oz. BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner
BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner brings new meaning to the word "versatile." Used full-strength, it is an aggressive, grease-cutting cleaner for engine compartments and wheels. When diluted 4:1, it's a gentle cleaner for leather seats and paintwork. Dilute BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner to clean virtually anything, safely and effectively. It's the only APC you need!

32 oz. BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser
BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula used to remove crud and oil from your engine and surrounding areas. BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser uses a gentle formula that will not harm your engine’s components or the paint, plastic, and glass surrounding your engine compartment. Engine bays are a dirty area – they’re exposed to oils, dirt, grime, and all sorts of other crud – but BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser will get that cleaned in no time!

Kit includes:
32 oz. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser
32 oz. BLACKFIRE APC All-Purpose Cleaner
32 oz. BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser

A retail value of $69.97. You save $19.98!

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