BLACKFIRE Total Seal Kit

BLACKFIRE Total Seal Kit
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Product Description

First coat paint, then maintain it with ease!

The Blackfire Total Seal Kit gives you the perfect combination of products to apply an expert level protection product, BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating! Everything you need from the applicators and the towels to the coating itself! Then, after you have your coating successfully applied, you can use the BLACKFIRE HydroSeal to maintain and replace the SiO2 in your coating to make sure that it lasts even longer and continues to provide your car with outstanding protection!

Blackfire HydroSeal is an expertly formulated product designed to make applying durable SiO2 protection to your paint easier than it has ever been. A simple spray and rinse application means you can apply Blackfire HydroSeal to your entire paint surface in mere minutes! Blackfire HydroSeal will cause water to bead up, greatly reducing the risk of water-spots and mineral deposits!

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating
BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating bridges the gap between entry level commercial ceramic coatings and professional-only industrial ceramic coatings, allowing everyone to achieve an extraordinary mirror-like shine! BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was designed using a solvent and fluorine free formula to maximize its user-safety and ensure that it can be applied anywhere. The thermoplastic component contained in the formula for BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating creates a flexible, cross-linked matrix that provides 9H+ hardness that is graded to last up to 2 years when properly maintained.

BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator
BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator was optimally designed for the perfection application of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating. Constructed using a thick polyurethane handle for enhanced grip on top, and a soft, open cell foam on the bottom, the BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator promotes an even application of product and provides a strong base when wrapped in a BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloth. The application of paint coatings can be tricky enough sometimes, donít hamper your results with sub-par tools

BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths
BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths, using specially designed flat weave, are the perfect construction for applying ceramic coatings. BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths is no-linting and will not leave debris on surfaces while coating. These ultra-soft towels will not mar the surface, leaving behind only a perfectly applied layer of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating.

Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel
The Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel weighs in at a formidable 530 g/m2, which tips the scale as one of our thickest, most densely woven microfiber towels. Made of plush ultra microfiber, the Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel boasts a luxurious 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide. Buff away waxes, wipe away glass cleaners, safely apply quick detailers- the Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel does it all!

Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave
The Supreme Guzzler is 20% thicker than the original towel to give it an even greater capacity for moisture. At approximately 5.5 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! As you may well know, microfiber is made of two synthetic fibers: polyester and polyamide. Polyester accounts for the towel's durability and polishing properties while polyamide is silky soft. The plush 80/20 weave of the two fibers allow the towel to hold a tremendous amount of water; seven times its own weight!

Kit Includes:
BLACKFIRE HydroSeal 32 oz.
BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating 50 ml.
BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator
BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths 10 Pack
Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel, 16 x 16 inches
20x40 Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave

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