BLACKFIRE Coating Bundle

BLACKFIRE Coating Bundle
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Product Description

Top of the line glass care!

BLACKFIRE Coating Bundle brings your glass to pristine levels of clarity and protection. The two-part system of BLACKFIRE Glass Kit only takes minutes to apply for year-long hydrophobic protection. You can use BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner to prep the surface by removing smudges and such, but still providing a an easy and helpful clean. Speed Master Premium Glass Towels are specially designed to clean glass to minimize steaking.

Items in this kit:

BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System is a two-part product that is formulated to be a long-lasting ceramic class coating. Only taking minutes to apply, BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System will protect your glass for up to one year. BLACKFIRE GLASSPRO Coating System creates a super hydrophobic surface, allowing for a clear line of vision

BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner
BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner is your new favorite glass cleaner. Formulated to create crystal clear glass (no streaking here!), and perfectly safe to use on tinted windows, BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner can be used on more than just your car windows and windshield. Use BLACKFIRE Glass Cleaner on your glass surfaces at home, in your garage, even on your sunglasses!

Speed Master Premium Glass Towel
Speed master has long been a trusted name in detailing tools and accessories. They have continued to uphold that legacy with the creation of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel! The genius diamond flat-weave design of the Speed Master Premium Glass Towel minimizes any streaking or smearing during the cleaning process. This makes sure that even the dirtiest windows and glass can be brought to absolute transparency with ease!

Kit includes

30 ml. Blackfire Glass Kit
1 32 oz. Blackfire Glass Cleaner
2 16x16" Speed Master Premium Glass Towel

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