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BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser Dilution Kit

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser Dilution Kit
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Product Description

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser Dilution Kit provides the necessary tools to turn your BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser into the perfect all-purpose product! BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser boasts the ability to dilute a ton of different way for any use you may need – simply attach the Threaded Refill Funnel to the bottle, and pour the desired amount in your 36-ounce Detail Bottle – the oz. and milliliters are already marked! Boost your SUPER degreasing power with BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser Dilution Kit!

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser Dilution Kit includes:

32 oz. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser
BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser was created to succeed where all other cleaners fail. When you are working on areas of your car that are covered in caked on grime and grease, BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser will quickly break them down and make removing those messes easier than it has ever been before. While BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is extremely powerful, it can easily be diluted for optimal results in whatever you need it for! Even though BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser packs a heavy punch, its phosphate and residue free formula is biodegradable, making it perfectly safe for you and any environment you use it in!

36 Ounce Detail Bottle
For the serious detailer, we now have a heavy-duty spray trigger bottle. You can use it to spray both interior and exterior detail chemicals when cleaning your car. This bottle is also useful around the house and yard. The 36-ounce bottle is constructed of PVC for extra durability.

1 qty. Threaded Refill Funnel
Threaded Refill Funnels attach to most bottles ranging from 4 to 35 ounces, making it much easier to refill your favorite car care product from a larger half gallon or gallon jug. Use them once and you’ll wonder how you ever went without them! Since the Threaded Refill Funnels help prevent accidental spills, they should pay for themselves the first time you use them!

Kit Includes:
32 oz. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser
36 Ounce Detail Bottle
1 qty. Threaded Refill Funnel

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