Blackfire Expert Detailer Kit

Blackfire Expert Detailer Kit
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Product Description

Expert level products for expert level detailers!

If you’re not new to the world of detailing, then you know not only are high quality products key, but so are a large quantity of towels and pads. This kit comes with 30 Storm Gray Microfiber Polishing cloths for scratch-less polishing and 3 Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towels for maximum absorption. It also comes with two 10 packs of BLACKFIRE Micro-Suede Cloths for applying ceramic coatings. In better apply a ceramic coating, it also comes with a BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator. As far as pads go, this kit comes with the 8 of the Rupes 6” Green Medium Foam Pad, Rupes 6” Yellow Polishing Foam Pad and the Rupes 6” White Finishing Foam Pad. The green pads are aggressive and meant for correcting paint imperfections, while the yellow pads are meant to correct light paint imperfections and the white are meant to be used with high quality polishes. The BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt is great for getting contaminants off your paint, using the clay side of the mitt (along with a clay lubricant). The BLACKFIRE Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit gives your car a “touch-free" wash with this high-powered foam gun. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating most abrasion and corrosion resistant, guaranteed to give your car a mirror like shine. For the perfect product to use prior to your favorite ceramic coating to ensure that the light swirls and scratches are filled in and the surface is properly prepped, use the BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish. BLACKFIRE Polish uses fine abrasives to cure minor imperfections and bring the car’s paint to a brilliant shine. BLACKFIRE Compound fixes minor imperfections using a 1,000 grit sanding. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap should be used at the beginning of your detailing process as it gives your car a soapy wash down, allowing dirt and debris to be washed away. BLACKFIRE Iron Remover turns purple as it washes off your car, exemplifying the contaminants that have been removed. And dinally, the Rupes BigFoot LHR15 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher brings all this products and tools together. This polisher has improved ergonomic, an electronic speed control dial, a progressive trigger, and an efficient motor, making it one of the most sought after polishers on the market.

Items in this kit:

Rupes BigFoot LHR15 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher

The RUPES BigFoot polishers have been widely known and respected as some of the best and most versatile polishers ever since they first hit the market with the 15ES and 21ES. Since then, RUPES has been working tirelessly to innovate and improve the car polisher in new and inventive ways. The introduction of the Mark II variants created quite a stir and really solidified the RUPES name in the world of detailing tools, polishes, and pads. To anyone who was already privy to all of the years of RUPES innovation, it should come as no surprise that RUPES has done it YET AGAIN!

BLACKFIRE Iron Remover

BLACKFIRE Iron Remover is an easy-to-use, chemical paint decontamination product designed to remove large amount of iron and industrial fallout from your painted surfaces and wheels. The color-changing formula indicates proper application as the product changes from clear to purple as paint contaminants are removed! Paint decontamination is needed on even the newest cars; you can’t achieve a proper shine and finish without it! BLACKFIRE Iron Remover means less hard work for you, and a quicker detail time overall!


BLACKFIRE Foam Soap is a highly concentrated foaming shampoo formula that will create a mountain of suds for the ultimate car wash! Formulated using extreme lubricity agents, BLACKFIRE Foam Soap creates the perfect amount of tension on your car’s surface, allowing dirt and debris to be removed without harming your paint. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap can be used alone in your car wash bucket, but for extreme results, use with your favorite foam gun or foam cannon. Washing your car has never been more fun!


BLACKFIRE Compound was developed using the latest German technology for OEM applications. It removes up to 1,000 grit sanding scratches on fresh paint and an impressive range of imperfections from cured paint finishes. Application is user-friendly with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher. BLACKFIRE Compound is the first step in creating a head-turning shine!


BLACKFIRE Polish uses nano-abrasives to remove 2500-3000 grit sanding marks on fresh paints and to correct mild imperfections on cured paints. These fine abrasives burnish the finish to an incredible gloss! BLACKFIRE Polish can be used to refine the paint after compounding or as a one-step shine enhancing polish.

BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish

BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish is the perfect product to use prior to your favorite ceramic coating to ensure that the light swirls and scratches are filled in and the surface is properly prepped. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish contains Silica technology that will create a stronger bond with any ceramic coating applied to your paint surface, greatly increasing the strength and duration of your coating. By combining the two most time-consuming steps of applying a paint coating, BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish allows you to cut your detailing time in half. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish can even be used as a stand-alone product to correct minor imperfections and leave a protective barrier behind.

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating bridges the gap between entry level commercial ceramic coatings and professional-only industrial ceramic coatings, allowing everyone to achieve an extraordinary mirror-like shine! BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating was designed using a solvent and fluorine free formula to maximize its user-safety and ensure that it can be applied anywhere. The thermoplastic component contained in the formula for BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating creates a flexible, cross-linked matrix that provides 9H+ hardness that is graded to last up to 2 years when properly maintained. The incredible structural integrity of this matrix makes BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating one of the most abrasion and corrosion resistant ceramic coatings on the market today!

BLACKFIRE Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit

Cover your vehicle in a flurry of foam quickly with the Foam Cannon HP! This foam lance works with a pressure washer to produce a thick, clinging foam. Give your vehicle a "touch-free" wash with this high powered foam gun. The Foam Cannon HP will blow you away! The kit includes a solid brass male nipple and a common pressure washer fitting.


BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt is a specialized wash mitt that uses an advanced rubberized material to safely remove embedded contaminants in your paint. This synthetic coating works the way a traditional clay bar does, but with a lot less mess! BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt will safely remove over-spray, road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, tree sap and more with just one pass! Engineered as a two-in-one tool, the BLACKFIRE Clay Mitt works as both a wash mitt AND a method of decontamination!

Rupes 150 MM (6”) Green Medium Foam Pad

This pad is the second step in the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System. The Green Medium Foam Pad is very dense in its construction and was designed to be used with Rupes Quarz Gloss Medium Gel Compound to remove swirl marks, water spots and other paint imperfections. This pad is aggressive enough for most applications on factory clear coat systems. Always follow this pad with a less aggressive pad/polish combination to maximize gloss and surface smoothness.

8 Rupes 150 MM (6”) Yellow Polishing Foam Pad

This pad is the third step in the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System. The Yellow Polishing Foam Pad was designed to be used with Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish to remove light swirl marks, holograms, clay-induced marring, and other light paint imperfections. This pad finishes exceptionally well considering the mechanical polishing ability that it provides.

8 Rupes 150 MM (6”) White Finishing Foam Pad

This pad is the fourth and final step in the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System. The White Finishing Foam Pad is exceptionally soft in its construction and was designed to be used with Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Gel Polish to maximize gloss and clarity before applying a wax or sealant. The White Finishing Foam Pad will finish flawlessly on any paint system when used with a high quality polish.

BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator

BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator was optimally designed for the perfection application of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating. Constructed using a thick polyurethane handle for enhanced grip on top, and a soft, open cell foam on the bottom, the BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator promotes an even application of product and provides a strong base when wrapped in a BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloth. The application of paint coatings can be tricky enough sometimes, don’t hamper your results with sub-par tools – pick up the BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator today and achieve the best coating results you can!

BLACKFIRE Micro-suede Cloths

BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths, using specially designed flat weave, are the perfect construction for applying ceramic coatings. BLACKFIRE MicroSuede Cloths is no-linting and will not leave debris on surfaces while coating. These ultra-soft towels will not mar the surface, leaving behind only a perfectly applied layer of BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating.

Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel

The Supreme Guzzler is 20% thicker than the original towel to give it an even greater capacity for moisture. At approximately 5.5 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! As you may well know, microfiber is made of two synthetic fibers: polyester and polyamide. Polyester accounts for the towel's durability and polishing properties while polyamide is silky soft. The plush 80/20 weave of the two fibers allow the towel to hold a tremendous amount of water; seven times its own weight!

Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth

The Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth is woven specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and I promise you’ll never use anything else!

Kit includes

Rupes BigFoot LHR15 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher
1 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Iron Remover
1 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap
1 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Compound
1 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Polish
1 32 oz. BLACKFIRE Pro Primer Polish
1 50 ml. BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating
1 BLACKFIRE Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit
8 Rupes 150 MM (6”) Green Medium Foam Pad
8 Rupes 150 MM (6”) Yellow Polishing Foam Pad
8 Rupes 150 MM (6”) White Finishing Foam Pad
1 BLACKFIRE Coating Applicator
2 (10 Pack) 12 10 cm. BLACKFIRE Micro-suede Cloths
30 16” x 16” Storm Gray Microfiber Polishing Cloth
3 20” x 40” Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel

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