BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant 32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant 32 oz.
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Product Description

It’s easy to apply and your fabric stays dry!

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant makes caring for your cars carpet or fabric interior nearly effortless. By applying an ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection to the surface, BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant will prevent any moisture from being absorbed by your carpet and upholstery. Whether you spill your morning cup of coffee, forget to bring a towel with you on your beach trip, or get caught in a rainstorm on your way to the car, BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant will make sure your fabric doesn’t suffer the consequences!

There are numerous advantages to fabric and carpet interiors. They are fairly inexpensive and often the default option for most widely produced cars on the market today. They are much more forgiving than leather or vinyl when you are climbing into your car during a hot summer day. They are also more durable than most other types of car interiors and will usually last much longer. However, they do fall short in one major capacity. They get dirty easily and they are much more difficult to clean. This is because fabric and carpet acts like a sponge for any sort of liquid or contamination that touches it.

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant helps to solve this pitfall that fabric has by counteracting the absorbent nature of the material. BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant is formulated using an ingredient that does not interact with liquid. In fact, it actively repels liquid molecules like the North ends of two magnets would. This means that when a fabric surface is coated with BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant it becomes extremely hydrophobic! As such, any liquid that fabric comes into contact with will simply fall off or sit on the surface without being absorbed!

It doesn’t even matter what kind of liquid it is either! BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant will be able to protect equally as well despite whether the liquid is hot or cold or how thick or thin it is! BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant will protect from a slew of different liquids and contaminants, but just to name a few:
• Mud
• Rain water
• Coffee
• Soda/Pop
• Snow
• And many, many more!

Fabric interior may be hard to keep clean, but it doesn’t have to be the as hard as it is now! You can cut out the vast majority of your fabric cleaning and care requirements with BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant alone. So, do you, your interior, and your passengers a huge favor, spray some BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant on those seats!

Directions for Use:
Spray BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant directly onto clean, dry fabric surfaces, until evenly coated, and let air dry.
Do not oversaturate fabric surface.
Let cure for 12-24 hours, depending on temperature.
Treated fabric must be completely cured before exposing to rain and moisture.

32 oz.

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