BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant 32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant 32 oz.
32 oz.Item#: BF-165   
5 GallonItem#: BF-165-5G   

Product Description

Just because itís where you rest your feet doesnít mean it shouldnít be kept neat!

BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant is the solution to those dull, dirty, and dingy, floormats that you have been step all over! All the common types of debris and contamination that plague floormats are easily and effectively removed with the use of BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant. Dirt, mud, road salt, snow, beverages, and many more will all be swiftly broken down by the thorough cleaner agents contained in BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant. You canít stop your floormats from getting messy, but that doesnít mean you have to keep them that way!

There are a few spaces in your interior that are not usually paid that much attention while you or others are riding in your car. Those being the space under your car seats, the underside of your glove compartment, and your floormats. However, just because they are not noticed OFTEN, does not mean the are NEVER noticed. These areas also still manage to collect dirt, contamination, and mess just as often though. And none more so than your floormats! Your floormats, in fact, probably see the most mess out of any other space in your interior, so cleaning and caring for them is a crucial part of your interior detailing routine. In case that seems like too daunting of a task to manage, BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant will make it less of job and more of a joy!

Whenever you plant yourself in the seat of your car, you are simultaneously planting a slew of contamination, debris, and mess on the surface of your floor mats. Everything that your shoes have trodden through that day is knocked loose and left to sit on the surface of your floormats to collect. Just think about all the things you step in on a daily basis! Dirt, mud, road salt, sand, grass, gum, snow, rain, sleet, and many, MANY more! All of these wind up all in the same place, your floormats. Thankfully, BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant is formulated using potent cleaner agents that are capable of quickly and effectively breaking down any and all of the messes listed above and many others!

Now, because we now know just how much mess your floormats collect, it seems likely that even with the best floormat cleaner out there, you will still have to constantly be cleaning your floormats just to keep them looking nice. And that is absolutely correct, if you are ONLY using is a cleaner. However, BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant is not JUST a cleaner! BLACKFIRE Mat Cleaner & Protectant also happens to create a barrier of protection on the surface of your mats as it cleans the mess away! This barrier will prevent things like dust, dirt, and liquids from sticking to the surface of your mats, keeping them cleaner for longer and making them much easier to clean again when that time does eventually come!

Your floormats always make sure to protect the floor of your car, now itís time that YOU protect THEM!

Directions for Use:
Spray directly onto vinyl or rubber floor mat or liner.
Using a brush or towel, agitate the formula into the mat or liner.
Wipe away with fresh towel.

32 oz.

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