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Bugs canít damage your paint, if they never touch it!

BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker was developed as a temporary shield that provides your paint enhanced protection from insect remains. BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is perfect to apply just before a long road trip or once a week during love bug season! The buffering agents in BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker will not only shield your paint from the insects but will even neutralize the acids in their bodily fluids, preventing them from corroding through your clear coat! Once your car is no longer at risk of bug bombardment, you can simply rinse or wash BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker (AND THE BUGS!) right off your car! BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is safe to use on all plastic, chrome, glass, and paint.

Bugs are serious problem for any car owner. Even if you arenít particularly fascinated with the world of automotive detailing, it is a pretty universally shared opinion that a grille covered in dead bugs is disgusting. It is more than just the sight of hundreds of insect carcasses stuck to your hood, windshield, grille, and side mirrors that should turn your stomach though. These insectsí have highly corrosive bodily fluids that will slowly eat through your carís precious clear coat if they are left to sit on the surface for too long! While cleaning them off quickly enough does limit the damage, it doesnít eliminate it. On top of that it is tedious to do even if you do use an effective bug remover! So, whatís the solution? BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker!

BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker prevents the bugs from ever reaching your paint better than any wax, ceramic coating, or sealant ever could! BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is formulated using thick and effective polymers that will stand strong in the face of even the heavy swarm of love bugs that come around every May. Because the remains are unable to penetrate the defensive barrier BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker creates, they never get the chance to pose a threat to your paint!

Given enough time though, the acids in the insect remains will eat through any line of defense. That is why BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker was also formulated with neutralizing agents that will bond with the acids and render them benign! This coupled with the strong barrier of defense will allow you some much needed peace of mind when it comes to long road trips or bug-infested commutes!
Spray Blackfire Bug Blocker onto the surface you want to protect,
Spray Blackfire Bug Blocker onto the
surface you want to protect
Spread it out evenly
Spread it out evenly, and let it dry to a haze!

Although BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker will keep your car protected from the bugs, it wonít make them disappear completely. Which means you will still have to remove them when the time comes. HOWEVER, BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker makes THAT a breeze as well! Because BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker already did all the heavy work and kept the bugs from adhering to your paint, the removal process is as simple as rinsing your car or using a waterless wash!

However, because bugs tend to get onto more than just your paint, BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker was developed to be safe to use on many different surfaces. You can use BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker on your chrome, plastic, paint, glass, and side mirrors!

Hood, mirrors, grill, and bumpers should be clean and dry to the touch before applying Bug Blocker.

Spray Bug Blocker directly onto vehicle surface. Spread evenly with a foam applicator and allow product to visibly dry before driving. For best results, remove Bug Blocker within 48 hours of application by washing the treated area with your favorite BLACKFIRE car wash, rinseless wash, or waterless wash. Reapply as needed.

32 oz.

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