BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover

BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover
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Product Description

Spotless glass is flawless glass!

BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover easily removes mild to moderate water spots that plague your glass surfaces and ruin the all-around look of your car. BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover also improves your safety while driving by increasing the clarity of your glass and improving your visibility. You donít need to by any special tools to use BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover as it can be applied by hand or machine!

Water spots have long been a terrible annoyance to anyone who puts even the slightest bit of worth in how their car looks. When the goal is to make your carís surfaces look shiny, it is quite irritating when those surfaces are instead peppered with hundreds of small round mineral deposits, also known as water spots. Not only to they ruin the look of the surface, that are also nearly unavoidable and quite a chore to remove once they are there.

Your glass is especially sensitive to these devious little deposits. They are much more noticeable on a transparent surface AND that transparency is compromised when it is littered water spots, which can cause a safety hazard. For the sake of your car and your safety, BLACKFIRE came out with an easy solution to this treacherous issue. BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover will make solving your water spots issue easier than you would have guessed.

BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover can be used by hand (generally easier to do on smaller areas) or by machine (perfect for quicker applications) to quickly and effectively remove water spots on your glass without further damage!

BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover uses mild abrasives to gently remove the water spots that have built up on the surface of your car. The abrasives in BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover are strong enough to tackle mild to moderate water spots, but not so aggressive that they will permanently scratch the surface of your glass.

BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover will also greatly increase your safety while you are driving as well! You will notice a distinct improvement to the visibility and clarity of your glass after it has been treated with BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover. This increased visibility allows you to see more clearly while you are driving instead of constantly having your vision impaired by the water spots that populate your windows and windshield. Especially while driving facing the sun.

Not everybody is equipped with the tools and appliances of a professional detailer, so you may not have access to a polisher or buffer that would allow you to use a standard glass polish effectively. BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover, however, was designed for easy use either by hand or by machine. This makes BLACKFIRE Glass Water Spot Remover an ideal choice for either the professional detailer or the detailing enthusiast!

Hand Application - Apply a quarter-sized drop of product onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Working on a 10" x 10" area of glass, apply Glass Water Spot Remover using an overlapping, back and forth pattern. After completing a section, immediately wipe off any excess product with a clean and dry microfiber towel. Repeat through each section.

Machine Application - Before starting, tape off any painted areas to avoid splatter. Apply a quarter-sized drop of product onto a light foam polishing pad and apply to a section of glass on medium to high speed. Be sure to use overlapping passes to ensure each inch of glass is treated. Once product turns clear, remove any excess product with a clean microfiber towel and evaluate. Repeat if necessary. Follow through each section of glass using the same technique.

32 oz.

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