BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner

BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner
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Product Description

A thick, non-streaking glass cleaner!

BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is a thick formula that clings to glass in a non-streaking formula, that breaks down and removes contaminants. Safe to use on tinted glass, BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free. BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is easy-to-use, wiping off with ease.

Your windows are an important aspect to your vehicles, after all, it is what allows you to see. But not all glass cleaners are created equal. The perfect glass clear goes on thick to remove contaminants but comes off easy without streaking. That perfect glass cleaner is BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner. BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is formulated to be a thick, gel-like viscosity that clings to dirty glass surfaces. Featuring a longer-than-average working time, BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner breaks down pesky contaminants on contact. The product does the work for you, so that when the time comes all you have to do is wipe away.

Speaking of wiping, the unique formula of BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is designed to cut down on potential wiping-induced marring and makes cleaning easier in general. Not only that, but BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner is non-streaking, so you don't have to worry about that typical glass cleaner turnoff. Don't worry those of you with tinted windows, you can still use BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner as it doesn't contain any ammonia, so it's safe your tint.

Best of all, BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner couldn't be easier to use. Simply spray BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner onto your glass surface and wipe away with a clean, microfiber glass towel. It's best to use a few microfiber glass towels so that you can prevent cross contamination, smearing or any possible streaking.

-Use only on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.
-Spray BLACKFIRE Gel Glass Cleaner onto surface.
-Using a clean microfiber glass towel, wipe glass to remove surface contamination.
-Flip to a clean side of your towel and buff away excess product.
-PRO TIP: Using two microfiber glass towels for this step will prevent cross-contamination and ensure no streaking or smearing occurs.

32 oz.

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