Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels - 12 Pack

Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels - 12 Pack
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Get organized – and stay that way – with color-coded towels!

Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels provide an easy way to organize your detailing towels. By assigning a different colored towel for each detailing task, like wiping off waxes or sealants, cleaning door jambs, or wiping down the interior, you’ll know with just a quick glance which towel you’ll need for the task at hand. The Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels 12 pack contains four different colors of towels to help you maintain order in your garage or detailing shop.

Every detailer knows that cross contamination is the enemy! One simple slip up using a wheel towel on the paint can mean countless additional hours of work and more mils of precious paint being buffed away. With clear coat being as thin as it is, that is not an ideal situation! Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels help eliminate the cross-contamination problem by making it easy to quickly identify what towel is used for each area of the vehicle. Once you’ve established the color code, using the correct towel will be easier than ever before and your days of accidentally adding brake dust to your clear coat will be over!

Each towel in the Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels is a versatile 16” x 16” with a utilitarian weight of 400 gsm. These lightweight, conveniently sized towels are ideal for nearly any detailing task. When folded into quarters, the towels are easy to grip and are well suited for almost anything. Use them on paint, trim, glass, wheels, interior surfaces, chrome, door jambs, or just about anywhere else! Get on the road to organization with Color-Coded Microfiber Bulk Detailing Towels.

4 Blue Microfiber Towels
4 Yellow Microfiber Towels
4 Black Microfiber Towels

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