BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser

BLACKFIRE Engine Degreaser
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Product Description

Eliminates the tough to remove grime that builds up on your engine!

Blackfire Engine Degreaser will make cleaning that tough grime, oil, and dirt from your engine bay easier than it has ever been before. You wonít have to worry about accidental overspray getting on the sensitive area surrounding your engine bay when you are using Blackfire Engine Degreaser. Thanks to the gentle and natural cleaners that are in Blackfire Engine Degreaserís formula will not cause any damage to the plastic or vinyl surface neat your engine bay. There is no accurate measuring needed to dilute Blackfire Engine Degreaser, this product comes ready to use straight from the bottle.

The main focus of pretty much every professional detailer or even the detailing hobbyist is the paint. People will take hours out of their day at a time to make sure that every inch of their paint is picture perfect and completely immaculate. While their time is certainly not wasted on their extremely important paint, they will tend to completely overlook an equally important aspect of detailing, the engine. Yes, the engine of your car needs just as much love and attention as the paint, wheels, and glass do. However, properly cleaning your engine can be a difficult and daunting task. The engine is home to the most tough to clean stains, grease, and grime. Finding a cleaner that is capable of tackling those notorious build-ups can be as tough of a task as actually cleaning them. Blackfire Engine Degreaser is an extremely effective engine cleaner that uses specially designed cleaner agents that are capable of breaking up the bond between the grime that builds up in your engine. Once the grip those materials hold on your engine is broken, they can be easily removed with some light abrasion.

There are many surfaces in and around your engine area. The harsh chemicals used in many degreasers on the market today would wreak havoc on those surfaces, leaving them pitted and tarnished. No matter how hard you try to prevent the degreaser from getting on those surfaces, overspray is inevitable and unavoidable. The only wat around this issue would be to use a degreaser that is not as harsh and caustic. Blackfire Engine Degreaser is formulated using cleaner agents that target the grime build-up and effectively eliminate them while simultaneously leaving the delicate surfaces unblemished.

The majority of cleaners on the market today require some amount of dilution before the can be used. This means that you have to carefully measure out the exact amount of product you need and then adding the perfect amount of water. The whole process can be very time consuming and quite an inconvenience. Blackfire Engine Degreaser comes ready to use in a convenient spray bottle, so youíll never have to worry about measuring out amounts to dilute your degreaser again.

Make sure to cover areas that cannot be exposed to moisture. Also ensure that the engine is cool to the touch prior to application. Mist the surface with water first. Spray Blackfire Engine Degreaser onto the surface you are treating and allow it to soak for roughly 3-5 minutes. Agitate the surface with a soft bristled brush if necessary. Rinse the remaining product off using a fine mist of water.

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