BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate 8 oz.

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate 8 oz.
8 oz.Item#: BF-600-8   
4 oz.Item#: BF-600-4   

Product Description

Better protection at an even better price!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is already such an incredible product, the only way it could be made better is to make it even more affordable than it already is! BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate gives both the professional detailer and detailing enthusiast the ideal protection at the ideal price! With a dilution ratio of 1:7, a mere 4 oz. of BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate can give up a full 32 oz. of pure SiO2 protection! BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is an expertly formulated product designed to make applying durable SiO2 protection to your paint easier than it has ever been. A simple spray and rinse application means you can provide intense hydrophobic properties to your entire paint surface in mere minutes!

We all love a nice-looking car that is well protected, but with how busy our days are, no one has time to spend hour applying a wax or sealant. Most waxes or sealants require you to spend hours slowly working your way around your car applying the product section by section. You have to be careful to ensure that the application is smooth, thin, and consistent or you will end up with paint that looks magnificent in some areas and hazy in others.

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate take all the guess work and almost all of the time out of the process of protecting your paint. In fact, it turns the hours of careful wax application into a mere extra few minutes after your weekly car wash. All it takes to apply this incredible product is to simply spray it directly onto the surface and quickly rinse it away. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate is easily applied. First, rinse off your vehicle.

Now, being quick to apply doesn’t amount to much at all if it only provides protection a day or two. Thanks to the SiO2 in the formula for BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate, the protection it provides can even outlast waxes!

Spending a few minutes to apply BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate provides your paint with immense hydrophobic properties. Water will bead-up on your paint instead of spreading out over the surface, depositing minerals and contamination. BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate relieves any worry about water-spots or mineral deposits!

Spray HydroSeal on, then rinse off!

BLACKFIRE HydroSeal Concentrate even saves you money! The 1:7 dilution ratio means you’ll be able to produce up to 32 oz. of working product with a small 4 oz. bottle. Now you have no excuse to bother with traditional waxes or sealants, welcome to the future of detailing!

Directions for Use:
Dilute accordingly.
Wash entire vehicle but do NOT dry - HydroSeal Concentrate is applied to wet surfaces!
After rinsing away your car wash, simply spray HydroSeal Concentrate directly onto the surface to be treated and immediately rinse away with your hose using a strong jet of water.
Continue around the vehicle working one panel at a time.
Following best practices, be sure to dry once completed.

Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.

8 oz.

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