BLACKFIRE Poly Clay - Aggressive

BLACKFIRE Poly Clay - Aggressive
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Product Description

Use clay to take the contaminants away!

BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive is an effective, and even fun, way to remove contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive can conveniently be used on many different exterior surfaces of your car. BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive is a more intense clay that can remove medium to heavy contaminants. With BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive there is no excuse for dirty surface!

Just because a car looks great, doesn’t necessarily mean the car is actually clean. By gently rubbing your hand across the surface, you will be able to feel whether or not the surface is contaminated, depending on how rough it is. If your hand staggers across, it means it is time to clay!

BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive is a more rigorous type of clay that is designed to remove medium to heavily contaminated surfaces. Contaminants can include brake dust, tar, sap, insect remains, industrial fallout and more. Plus, BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive works on just about all your exterior surfaces, such as, paint, glass, chrome, fiberglass, aluminum, and other clear coated surfaces.

Claying your car with BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Aggressive can be a simple process, as long as the steps are done correctly. In any detailing procedure, it is best to wash and dry your car before claying it. Once the car is nice and clean, it’s time to clay. When you clay, be sure to keep the clay and the surface, lubricated with a dedicated clay lubricant to prevent marring. The clay will grab as it moves across your surfaces, which means your car is heavily contaminated. The more you clay, the less this will happen because you are eliminating the surface contaminants. As you go, continue to reshape the clay so that you get a fresh face with every panel. Once claying is complete, wipe away any remaining clay residue with a clean, microfiber towel. Just don’t drop the clay! If you do, it’s best to discard to avoid unwanted contaminants.

Once you finish claying, the ‘baggy test’ will help you see (technically, feel…) if your surface is contaminant free. Put your hand in a zip-lock bag, if you are able to easily glide across the surface, then you know, your surface is ready for the next correction step. Claying is a critical step to complete before moving on to any paint correction procedures, as paint correction needs a completely cleaned surface.


-Wash and dry vehicle.
-Spray area to be clayed with BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant.
-Gently rub clay bar back and forth across wet surface.
-Clay will grab at first, continue moving the bar until it glides freely.
-Wipe off clay reside.
-Reshape bar often to reveal clean clay and keep clay well lubricated to avoid marring.

Spray clay bar with lubricant prior to storage in this container. Do not allow to freeze. Do not store in temperatures exceeding 200 degrees F. Discard if dropped on the ground.

8 oz. bar

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