Speed Master Detailing Tools

Designed without compromise. Speed Master Wheel Brushes are designed for the enthusiast who demands the highest quality wheel brushes available. Speed Master Wheel Brushes were developed to clean the most intricate wheel designs completely without scratching and damaging the wheel's finish. It starts with an abundant amount of hot rod red and black feathered bristles that provide gentle cleaning power and are safe for the most delicate finishes. These bristles hold tons of soapy water or wheel cleaner solution to flush brake dust off the surface.

Speed Master Wheel Brushes have a thick sturdy steam that bends easily and resists weakening or snapping. You can bend the Speed Master Wheel Brush to fit around the spokes, around brake calipers, or anywhere you need tough, yet gentle cleaning power. Speed Master Wheel Brushes can even be used to detail engine bays and other hard-to-reach areas. Available in the large Speed Master size and the compact Speed Master Jr. size to make sure all areas of your wheels are perfectly detailed.

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Regular Price:$110.92Our Price:$74.99
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