Speed Master Detailer's Seat

Speed Master Detailer's Seat
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Product Description

The comfort and convenience of rolling, storage seat

The Speed Master Detailerís seat is the must-have comfort accessory for your garage. The moving seat rolls easily for your convenience, allowing you to roll around the car for different detailing aspects. The cushioned top gives you the comfort you crave, but the sturdy structure gives you the safety you deserve. The lower level of the seat gives your ample storage for your detailing tools, as well as two cup holders for products or even beverages. The seat is able to be broken apart into two pieces and allows for a step to read the top of the car and for a non-moving standalone seat. The added mounted utility bracket provides more storage and a quick access to your brushes.

There are parts of the detailing process where it is possible to work and still take somewhat of a rest. Usually when it comes to detailing the lower panels of the car, wheels or tires, you are able to get a little bit of a break and take a seat. Itís most helpful if that seat is on wheels, so that you donít have to keep getting up and down or sitting on the ground. It would also be incredibly helpful if you had your tools and products at armís reach. This where the Speed Master Detailerís Seat reigns champion.

The comfort and safety of the Speed Master Detailerís Seat is something worth mentioning. The cushioned, foam top allows for maximum comfort to get you through hoursí worth of detailing. The material also allows for little slippage, so you donít have to worry about sliding off as you roll around the vehicle. The two-tiered seat is structure is mechanically sound and will hold most weights. The four wheels easily turn 360 degrees, allowing for quick, gentle and precise movements.

The Speedmaster Detailers Cart has many different dynamic uses!
As a rolling seat when working on lower panels. As a knee pad when cleaning wheel wells.
As a rolling seat when working on lower panels. As a knee pad when cleaning wheel wells.
As a stationary step when working on the roof.
As a stationary step when working on the roof.

Built on accessory features are what makes the Speed Master Detailerís Seat really worthwhile. The lower tier of the moving seat features a level of storage to store your tools and products on the go. Store your polishers, waxes, tire cleaners and what have you, and as you roll along and simply reach underneath your seat and find the product or tool you need without having to get up.

The two side cup holders provide more storage space for products or for a beverage to keep you hydrated during your detailing job. The utility mounting bracket gives way to even more storage. Use this added feature to store smaller, more commonly used tools, like brushes. All these special storage areas are out of the way from the seating spot itself, providing accessibility without sacrificing comfort.

Now, if you donít want to necessarily have the ability to roll, the Speed Master Detailing Seat is still the seat for you. The dual-leveled seat comes apart and can be used as two separate entities. The seat comes with rubber, corner end caps that allow for a stable base when the seat is used in a static form. This stable base can be used as a step stool to reach the roof of the car or can be used a stationary seat. Keep the other half on wheels and roll your products and tools around you, as you remain still. The mounted cupholders also come off easily if needed to be removed.

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