Speed Master Clay Towel

Speed Master Clay Towel
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The convenience of a towel and usefulness of clay in one!

The Speed Master Clay Towel is the perfect compromise for the detailer who likes the effectiveness of a clay bar, but the ease of a towel. The Speed Master Clay Towel effortlessly removes contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. The foldability of the Speed Master Clay Towel not only allows multiple uses, but also allows you to get those hard to reach spots that a clay mitt wouldnít be able to.

As a detailer, whether a professional or hobbyist, you donít always have time to sit and mold a piece of clay for decontamination. Sometimes you just want something quick and easy. You also enjoy the convenience of a towel and ability to fold it and use it more than once. All these needs are met with the useful and convenient Speed Master Clay Towel.

The Speed Master Clay Towel is designed to give you the strength of a clay mitt and clay bar, but with the freedom of a microfiber towel. This clay towel will safely remove contaminants from the surface of your vehicle by trapping them in the centered, clay portion of the towel. Unlike using a normal microfiber towel, the clay locks in the contaminants so that you donít re-contaminate the rest of your vehicle.

The Speed Master Clay Towel also gives you the power of adaptability. You can fold your towel into four parts, that way, if part of your clay towel gets too contaminated, just flip the towel or turn it inside-out. By doing so, itís like you have four different clean surfaces of the towel. The Speed Master Clay Towel has the power of clay, but also has the ability towels have of reaching those hard-to-get spots.

The Speed Master Clay Towel can also be used during the car washing process. Save a step in your car detailing procedure by decontaminating as you wash. Use the clay lubricant or the water and car soap, to create a slidable surface for the clay towel to glide across. When the Speed Master Clay Towel hits a rough patch, you know youíve reached a contaminated spot that you need to tackle. The best part? If you drop it, just rinse it off and use it again!

Directions for Use:
*Pro-tip: Work only on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight. To preserve the life of your clay towel, store in the original packaging with rubber coating facing out.

When washing:
When using your clay towel during your regular washing routine, first remove all loose dirt and debris.
Spray a clay lubricant literally all over your vehicle one panel at a time.
Be sure to start at the top and make your way toward the bottom to avoid cross-contamination.
Continue to spray clay lubricant to keep clay towel moist.
Work until the entire car is decontaminated.

When using during standard decontamination process:
First wash the whole surface to remove any loose dirt and debris.
Perform your decontamination one panel at a time.
Thoroughly coat the panelís surface with clay lubricant.
Rub the surface with the Speed Master Clay Towel until it glides smoothly across the surface.
Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, wipe off all remaining clay lubricant and dry surface before moving onto the next panel.

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