Speed Master Tool Rack

Speed Master Tool Rack
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Keep all your supplies right by your side!

The Speed Master Tool Rack gives you the mobility you need to optimize your detailing routine and make sure that you arenít spending more time detailing than you are admiring. The ultra-durable, polyethylene body ensures that the Speed Master Tool Rack has the fortitude necessary to be used even in an industrial body shop without worry about it breaking. Thanks to the wheel-locks, your tools and supplies will always be right where you left them. The three tiers and separate compartments give you plenty of space to organize and store everything you need, even your drinks!

Detailing your car can be quite a time-consuming process. One that requires plenty of moving around the vehicle several times over and a wide array of products and supplies. When you are detailing the last thing you want to have to do is walk all the way back over to your garage shelf to grab another pad to finish the panel youíre working on. You need some place that you can set your products down that wonít require breaking your concentration or have you walking back and forth.

The Speed Master Tool Rack gives you the perfect tool to keep all your tools right where you need them, by your side. Unlike your typical tool rack, this one has wheels, meaning that as you work your way around the car, you can take everything you need with you! The Speed Master Tool Rack cuts down on all the time you spend walking back and forth from your car to your shelf to grab the next pad, compound, or tool you will need.

The Speed Master Tool Rack was designed specifically for detailing! With features such as add-on cup holders (perfect for a bottle polish or a soda!), locking wheels (no runaway carts here!), and polisher neck holders (that's a technical term, right?), the Speed Master Tool Rack provides solutions for problems you didn't even know you had!

Even though the Speed Master Tool Rack is on wheels, you wonít have to worry about any runaway supplies. The wheel-locks make sure that this rack wonít move an inch unless you want it to.

If you are working in a hectic body-shop or if you are just prone to clumsily knocking things over (and who isnít), then you might find yourself replacing broken tools and supplies more frequently. You have to worry about that with the Speed Master Tool Rack. The polyethylene construction of the Speed Master Tool Rack means that even if you do manage to back into it while admiring your outstanding waxing job, it wonít crack or snap!

There are very few, if any, detailing jobs that you wonít be able to store everything youíll need on the Speed Master Tool Rack. This incredible convenience maker has THREE separate tiers of storage potential. Each tier is even separated out into 4 sections to allow you to prevent cross-contamination and maximize organization. To top it all off, the Speed Master Tool Rack even has cup holders!

Everyone deserves a little convenience in their life, let the Speed Master Tool Rack give you what you deserve!

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