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Speed Master 2 Piece Interior Brush Set

Speed Master 2 Piece Interior Brush Set
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Product Description

Double the detailing! The Speed Master 2 Piece Brush Set has two brushes that will become your new go-to tools. Made with super soft synthetic bristle, The Speed Master 2 Piece Brush Set will provide excellent cleaning ability but will not cause scratching. The Speed Master 2 Piece Brush Set are with plastic handles that are ergonomic and comfortable to use. Every brush serves a purpose. Some surfaces need to be treated more delicately than others and you need a designated brush just for that. Lucky for you, the Speed Master 2 Piece Brush set has two, soft and easy-to-use brushes for this very occasion. These brushes are made with the softest of synthetic bristles. There aren’t any metal pieces in the handle that could cause the surface to be scratched. Plus, the plastic, ergonomic handle has a balanced grip that makes it easier for the user to hold and control, allowing for a longer and more enjoyable detail time. The bristles are two inches in length, but the length of the handles different from 165mm to 240mm. The Speed Master 2 Piece Brush Set is ideal for “piano black” interior surfaces. However, they are also great for detailing electronics, such as LCD screens, interior panels, and sensitive surfaces. This brush duo is great for detailing jobs that require finesse and precision.

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