Speed Master Scrub Brush

Speed Master Scrub Brush
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Product Description

Gently remove dirt, grime, and mildew from your leather & vinyl surfaces!

Speed Master Scrub Brush is a small, hand held brush perfect for removing staining and other surface contaminants from leather and vinyl surfaces. Made from a polyurethane handle studded with stiff, gray bristles, Speed Master Scrub Brush is the perfect match for those stubbornly stained surfaces. Remove mildew, scrub away stains, and reveal that once-new surface with the Speed Master Scrub Brush.

The short bristles are sturdy enough to dig deep for a thorough cleaning, but gentle enough that it won't cause any damage.

The interior of a car sees a lot in its day. Spilled drinks, dropped food, exposure to moisture, and countless other contaminants affect the finish of your leather and vinyl surfaces. Often these stains can be deep into the finish, calling for extra hard scrubbing and cleaning. But, if you have the LSpeed Master Scrub Brush, you may this task going a little easier.

Constructed using a thick and durable ergonomic polyurethane handle, the Speed Master Scrub Brush is heavy duty and perfect for heavy scrubbing. The short bristles make easy work of stained surfaces, without being too harsh. The pointed edge allows you to get in between cushions and into those hard to reach areas.

Use Speed Master Scrub Brush with BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner to clean those stained interior surfaces and bring your leather and vinyl back to life!

Use Leather & Vinyl Interior Scrub Brush on all of your leather and vinyl interior surfaces for a deep, thorough cleaning.
Perfect for use on:
Any interior leather or vinyl surface
Plastic dashboards and door panels
Also works great on marine leather and vinyl components for heavy mildew build up

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