Black Nitrile Detailing Gloves

Black Nitrile Gloves are like adding a new layer of protected skin. These gloves are incredibly thick, chemical resistant, and offer little degradation in your ability to feel surfaces. Detailing chemicals, particularly aggressive cleaners, can dry out skin. Using the chemical resistant Black Nitrile Gloves protects your skin from these effects. Black Nitrile Gloves also have a high tear resistance, making them perfect when working around sharp edges, such as in the engine bay or interior.

Black Nitrile Gloves are THICK! They have a 5 mil thick palm and 6 mil thick finger tips. That is thicker than the paint on most automobiles, yet they maintain a high level of sensation. You can feel exactly what you are working on without feeling clumsy. Nitrile Gloves also are perfect if you have Latex allergies.

Protect your skin with out- sacrificing the job you do with Black Nitrile Gloves from