Interior Car Care

Everyone thinks they’re an expert at cleaning and protecting their vehicle’s interior – WRONG! There’s more to it than an old rag and the bottle of all purpose cleaner that you found under the cupboard in your bathroom. Times have changed, and so have the materials used in modern vehicles. Here’s what you should know about proper interior care:

First, you want to use a cleaner that is safe on all surfaces – from carpet and upholstery to leather and vinyl. Don’t worry; we have you covered with BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner. This versatile cleaner can be used to safely clean virtually all interior surfaces, including leather. It will remove stubborn stains without drying out or discoloring delicate interior surfaces.

Arguably the most important step is protecting and conditioning leather and vinyl surfaces. Unless you’re still driving a vehicle made in the 50s or 60s, chances are pretty good your dashboard and door panels are made of some type of vinyl or soft-touch plastic. These vinyl and plastic surfaces contain plasticisers, and they’re designed to increase the flexibility of the material, so it can expand when it gets hot from the sun. BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is a water-based interior surface protectant that provides durable UV protection on plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather surfaces. This ensures the plasticisers can continue to keep your interior looking and feeling as it should. Best of all, BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant dries to the touch and it will not attract dust.

Now let’s talk about leather: It’s vital that you regularly clean and condition leather surfaces. Using BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner keeps your leather hydrated, so it can retain its flexibility and the soft, supple feel that you fell in love with when you purchased the vehicle. Because BLACKFIRE Leather Conditioner was formulated without petroleum, it is safe to use on stitching.