Tire & Wheel Care

Nothing makes your vehicle stand out like squeaky clean wheels and glossy (or semi-glossy if that’s what you prefer) tires. As you can imagine, we have the cleaners and tools necessary to make your wheels and tires look better than new!

If you’re like most people that are new to detailing, chances are pretty good you’ve been using the wrong wheel cleaner on your vehicle all this time. Wheels come in a variety of different finishes, and they must be treated with care to avoid causing permanent damage.

Different types of wheels include:
  • Painted
  • Clear coated
  • Polished
  • Aluminum
  • Billet
  • Chrome
  • Anodized
Other car care manufacturers offer a specialty cleaner for each type of finish. Trying to decide which one is right for your application can make your head spin! We decided to make it simple by formulating a wheel cleaner that is safe for ALL finishes – BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner. As the name implies, this water-based cleaner removes grease and grime from tires too!

We offer tire gel in two convenient varieties – a spray and a gel. BLACKFIRE Multi-Surface Dressing Concentrate and BLACKFIRE Tire Gel are water-based, VOC compliant tire protectants that give your tires a like-new, low-gloss sheen. If a glossy finish is what you prefer, then simply apply another coat! Our customers love that neither product slings off the finish once applied.

In addition to wheel and tire cleaners and protectants, we also carry the best wheel cleaning brushes, including the hugely popular Speed Master line of wheel brushes. Check them out!

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