BLACKFIRE Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit

BLACKFIRE Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit
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Product Description

The Blackfire Foam Cannon HP turns your pressure washer into a high powered foamer! The Foam Cannon HP is a lance that attaches to your pressure washer and works with a high yield car shampoo to blanket your vehicle in a thick flurry of high-lubricity foam to make washing easier, faster, and safer. The kit includes a solid brass male nipple and your choice of one pressure washer fitting to adapt the Foam Cannon HP to your pressure washer.

The thick foam created by the Foam Cannon HP offers several benefits and can be used to best suite your needs.

Use the Foam Cannon HP as a pre-rinse.
Blanket your car in a high-lubricity foam prior to rinsing your vehicle before you wash it. The foam will encase and loosen dirt, grit, and road grime. Then rinse the foam away prior to washing float the sharpest grit away from the paint prior to washing.

Use the Foam Cannon HP as a replacement for traditional bucket washing.
If your vehicle is lightly soiled then the Foam Cannon HP may be all you need to keep your vehicle swirl-free and clean. Rinse your vehicle to remove loose dirt then blanket it foam. Gently wash the surface using the foam, rinsing your wash mitt frequently. Then rinse away dirt and grime.

Use the Foam Cannon HP for a post polishing rinse.
Machine polishing your paint can cause dust to collect in every seam and leave behind oily residue. Foam every crease and crevice and pressure wash away to leave your paint clean and ready for final waxing.

Use the Foam Cannon HP around the house.
The Foam Cannon HP's ability to mix cleaning solutions into froathy foam has numerous benefits, from cleaning concrete to washing your house. The durable internals are chemical resistant although we recommend thoroughly cleaning and flushing the Foam Cannon HP out prior to switching back to automobile use.

For best results use a high yield car shampoo such as Detailer's Pro Series Xtreme Foam Formula in your Foam Cannon HP. This shampoo was developed specifically for foam guns and produces an incredible amount of foam. It may take some experimentation to get your preferred dilution, but start with 1 ounce of shampoo. Pour the shampoo into the Foam Cannon HP tank, hook it up to your pressure washer, and let the foam fly!

To maintain your Foam Cannon HP, rinse it out after every use. Six fittings are available for purchases separately for virtually any pressure washer. A brass male nipple is included to connect the fitting to the Foam Cannon HP.

Choosing the correct fitting.

The Foam Cannon HP attaches to the trigger/gun assembly for your pressure washer in the exact same way that your wand currently does. You will just need to remove the wand and look at the fitting that you currently have and match it up to one of the fitting that we offer below. The Foam Cannon HP will connect in exactly the same way.

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