Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner

Glass Master products make cleaning the most difficult areas of the vehicle's glass easy and comfortable. How many times have you heard someone say, ďI donít do windowsĒ? Many people postpone glass cleaning until itís absolutely necessary, like when itís almost too dirty to see through. Why? Itís often because they canít reach the entire surface and therefore canít clean it effectively. But cleaning the glass on your vehicle is for more than visual appeal; it improves your visibility of the road.

Clean the bottom edge of your windshield all the way across from the driverís seat! The triangular head cleans corners easily and pivots to clean sloped surfaces. Clean under glass-top tables without crawling under the table. Clean the top of tall bathroom mirrors without a step ladder. You can even clean floor to ceiling windows by just adding a pole to the handle of the Glass Master Pro.