Wash & Dry

How do you wash your car? Donít be ashamed of the bottle of dish soap and the old, tatty rag lying on your garage floor Ė now is a better time than ever to learn how to properly wash your vehicle.

We offer a huge assortment of wash mitts and brushes, ranging from super-soft merino wool thatís imported from Australia (Aussie Merino Wool Wash Mitt), to a more traditional microfiber-style wash mitt. Whether youíre washing a daily-driver or a show-car, we have the proper wash mitt to suit your needs and application.

Now that youíre up to speed on the different types of wash tools, you should know that not all car wash soaps are created equal. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap is a pH-balanced, high-foaming shampoo that gently removes dirt and grime without stripping the wax coating off your vehicle. It rinses freely, leaving no residue behind, and itís what we call a gloss-enhancing shampoo. Best of all, you only need 1-2 ounces to wash your entire vehicle!

Also consider a foam gun or foam cannon. A foam gun gives you a foamy layer of lubrication on your vehicleís surfaces, creating a safe way to wash your vehicle.

Always wash your vehicle from the top down and rinse often, to avoid contaminating your wash mitt or sponge. The bottom of the car is the dirtiest, by far, so save it for last. Make sure you have a Grit Guard insert installed in your bucket to prevent abrasive dirt particles from finding their way back into your wash solution. Better yet, invest in a dual wash bucket system. This consists of a separate wash and rinse bucket, eliminating the chance that dirt particles are introduced back into your paint, creating unsightly swirl marks and scratches.

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