Lake Country Wash Wedge

Lake Country Wash Wedge
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Product Description

Take everything you thought you knew about the wash mitts and sponges and throw it away! The Lake Country Wash Wedge redefines the term “easy washing” while helping you maintain a swirl-free, high-gloss finish. The Wash Wedge leaves dirt in the bottom of your bucket while leaving your paint sparkling clean.

The ultra-dense, extremely-soft, gold foam feels silky soft when dry and even more so when loaded with your favorite soap solution. This tightly-packed, closed-cell, foam holds a huge amount of soap and water, allowing you to flush dirt off the surface with plenty of lubricity. What's more, the Lake Country Wash Wedge easily releases dirt when submerged into a bucket of rinse water.

The Lake Country Wash Wedge's foam cleaning face has been cross cut and slotted for an increased surface area. This traps and holds dirt safely away from the paint. The slotted face conforms to every body panel, recess and crevice – from large flat hoods to curvacious fenders, in between body seams, under door handles and more. With the Lake Country Wash Wedge, dirt has no place to hide!

A comfort-cut neoprene foam handle makes the Lake Country Wash Wedge exceptionally easy to hold, even when wet. Four-finger grooves on each side allow for a variety of secure grips, so the Wash Wedge remains comfortable no matter which surface you are cleaning. Leave dirt in the wash bucket and grime in the past with the washing sponge of the future: The Lake Country Wash Wedge.

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