Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad

Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad
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For those detailers who don't like to wear a wet wash mitt, the Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad provides the same gentle cleansing for your vehicle in a large wash pad. The Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad is made of high quality sheepskin that pampers paintwork and releases dirt. Natural sheepskin is soft, plush, and nonabrasive. It absorbs a large amount of soapy water to provide outstanding lubrication to prevent wash-induced scratches. The plush nature of the sheepskin allows gritty particles to move into the thick fibers and away from the paint. For the best results, rinse out the Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad in a bucket of clean water before reloading it with soapy water. This step will release dirt so it is not transferred back to the paint. Always use a high quality car wash to protect the paint while you wash. After you wash your vehicle, rinse the Synthetic Sheepskin Wash Pad out well and hang to dry. 10 x 10 inches

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