Montana Original Boar

Montana Original Boar's Hair Brushes are made from the highest quality bundled, feathered, and flagged boar's hair! Boar's hair is nature's most durable hair. It is more durable than camel hair yet sheds less than horse hair. It is no surprise that many car collectors and aficionados use nothing but genuine Montana Boar's Hair to gently clean their fine automobiles.

Montana Original Boar's Hair Brushes start with carefully screened and selected boar's hair. For vehicle washing only young, soft hair is selected. For wheel brushes a more mature hair, that is slightly stiffer and increases cleaning power, is used. Boar's hair is naturally feathered, but Montana Original Boar's Hair Brushes takes this a step further with a process known as flagging. The end of each hair is split to increase softness and surface area while allowing the brush to hold large amounts of wash solution.

All Montana Original Boar's Hair Brushes use 100% boar's hair. There are no synethics, nylons, or other materials that can scratch delicate paint. When only nature's finest cleaning hair will do, use a Montana Original Boar's Hair Brush.