Clay Bars & Synthetic Clay Mitts

Ever feel your paint with your hand inside a plastic sandwich baggie? If you answered YES, then most likely you’re familiar with detailing clay and how it makes your paint feel silky smooth.

Here’s the deal: gloss comes from smoothness. The smoother your paint, the better it will shine – it’s as simple as that. For those of you that are not familiar with auto detailing clay, here is a brief explanation of what it is and how it works:

Detailing clay is synthetic clay that is tacky and contains a special abrasive. As you rub the clay across the paint using an approved lubricant, the abrasive in the clay bar essentially shaves off the contaminants (bugs, tar, industrial fall out, environmental pollution, paint overspray). Since the bar is tacky, these contaminants stick to the bar, keeping them from scratching your paint. After you clay a section, you knead and fold the clay bar to trap the contaminants.

You can use detailing clay on any hard, smooth surface – paint, glass, wheels, chrome, and plastic trim. Detailing clay works wonders for removing paint overspray and stubborn bug guts.

Now that you know what detailing clay is all about, stick your hand inside a plastic sandwich baggie then go outside and feel your paint! If it feels anything but silky smooth, then you need to clay it! Use Fine Grade BLACKFIRE Poly Clay for surfaces with light to moderate contamination or on tougher contamination, choose the BLACKFIRE Poly Clay Bar. No matter which clay bar suits the job, you'll need BLACKFIRE Clay Lubricant to prevent marring.

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