BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator

BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator
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For a smoke free smelling interior!

BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator does exactly as the name would suggest, it eliminates smoke from the inside of your car. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator will rid your car of the unpleasant odors caused by cigarettes, cigars and even fire damage. Not only will BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator remove the smoke smell, but it will also leave a refreshing mountain coffee smell. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator is a dry spray that is safe on all interior surfaces, is highly concentrated and easy-to-use.

There are many reasons to want the smell of smoke out of your car. Whether it because you are smoker who doesnít like the smell, a passenger who doesnít or even if you buy a previously owned car with the lingering smell. Plus, who wouldnít rather have the smell of fresh coffee over cigarette smoke? With BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator you can rid your car of the smoke smell and replace it with a fresh scent. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator is designed to completely eliminate the persistent smoke odors caused by cigarette, cigars and fire damage. Once these odors have been eliminated, a new smell will spread through the interior, an authentic mountain coffee smell.

BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator's dry spray is safe on all surfaces! Even carpet and upholstery!
BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator's dry spray is safe on all surfaces!
Even carpet and upholstery!

The highly concentrated formula of BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator allows for multiple uses. However, with the powerful spray of BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator, you wonít need more than one spray. This smoke eliminator is dry spray safe and able to be used on all interior surfaces, such as carpets and fabric upholstery. This product can be used in your car, but it can also be used in RVís, your home or even at a detailing shop, basically anywhere that may be affected by smoke odors.

Eliminate smoke and create a fresh scent all with one simple spray. BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator comes in the convenience of a spray and doesnít require any additional tools. Just be sure when using BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator on fabric that you first test it on an inconspicuous area first. Once tested, you can spray the surface and eliminator the odors with just one spray. Please note, do not spray this directly onto painted surfaces.

-Shake well before use.
-If treating fabric, first test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.
-Spray using a slow, sweeping motion across the surface being treated.
-Do not spray directly onto painted surfaces.
-BLACKFIRE Smoke Eliminator will eliminate odors on contact, but depending on the severity of the contamination, multiple applications may be necessary for complete removal.

12 oz.

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