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Water Softener Resin Refill

Water Softener Resin Refill
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Product Description

The Water Softener Resin Refill restores like-new performance to Clean Water Filtering Systems. The heart of a water softening system is the resin inside. This resin is responsible for exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with sodium Over time, even with cleaning, the resin loses its ability to work. The Water Softener Resin Refill replaces the old and used resin with new resin.

The Water Softener Resin Refill contains 1.25 lbs of special resin. To change the resin, unscrew a lid on either side of the Water Softener Cartridge and pour remove the old resin. Pour the Water Softener Resin Refill resin into the cartridge and re-tighten. You now have a Water Softener Cartridge that is ready to use.

The resin in the Water Softener Resin Refill may be a different color than the resin currently inside your Water Softener Cartridge This is okay as the color has no impact on the resin's effectiveness.

1.25 lbs.

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