Brass Quick Connector Set

Brass Quick Connector Set
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The Brass Quick Connector Set makes switching connecting and disconnecting hoses and tools fast and easy. The kit includes a male end and a female end that fit are machined to fit together perfectly. Simply pull the snap-ring back, insert the pieces together, and release. It's that simple. The Brass Connector Set allows you to form a water-tight seal in seconds, with just one hand! You can use the Brass Quick Connector Set to attach and remove your hose quickly from the spigot or connect two hoses together. Many professional detailers and enthusiasts use the Brass Quick Connector Set to quickly switch between tools including foam guns and fireman nozzles. The Brass Quick Connector Set is made from solid brass. It features rubber grips around the circumference that greatly reduce the risk of scratching should the connector accidentally contact your paint. This is a rugged piece, built for a long-life with high usage.

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