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Metro Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose

Metro Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose
Item #:MV-120-121244
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Product Description

Upgrade your Metro Vac N Blo vacuum with this optional 6 ft. hose! The hose features durable, flexible construction. The hose doubles the reach of your Metro Vac N Blo when combined with the vacuum�s included 6 ft. hose. Reach under car seats, into trunks, and into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle with Vac N Blo 6 ft. hose attachment. The Metro Vac N Blo 6 ft. Hose works with the Wall Mount Vac N Blo Sr. and the Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum. This hose attaches to both vacuums� existing hoses. Every hose has a power control at one end to control the flow of air. Extend your reach with the Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose!

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