Metro Hand Vac Replacement Filters

Metro Hand Vac Replacement Filters
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Product Description

Keep your Metro Hand Vac running like new with a fresh filter bag!

We know you're getting plenty of use out of your Metro Stainless Steel VAC N GO 500 Hand Vac. After all, both the 12 volt and the 110 volt models are the most powerful hand held vacuums on the market! Soon you'll need replacement bags so here you go

We now stock these 5-packs of genuine replacement filter bags made by Metro. These bags fit the Metro VAC N GO 500 hand vac.

These bags are made by Metro for Metro vacuums so you know they offer the same performance and quality as the original filter bag. Remember, the filter bag serves as a receptacle for dirt but it also filters the incoming air to keep the vacuum's exhaust clean. Even if you empty out the original filter bag, dust and allergens are caught in the walls of the bag. The only way to keep your vacuum working at its peak is to regularly replace the bag. Use genuine Metro filter bags to protect your 5 year warranty on your vacuum.

Replacing the filter bag on your Metro VAC N GO 500 Hand Vac is the easiest way to ensure constant performance and a clean vehicle!

Fits 12 Volt and 110 Volt hand held vacuums.

5 bags per pack.

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