Tornador Blow Out Gun

Tornador Blow Out Gun
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The Tornador Blow Out Gun turns your air-compressor into a powerful, tornado-like blast that is perfect for cleaning out hard to reach areas and drying your vehicle with maximum efficiency. he Tornador Air Blow Out Gun has multiple detailing uses. Use it to blow crumbs, trash, and dust from under and between car seats. Blow out seams in the dashboard and trim, where dust accumulates. On the exterior, blow moisture out of door, trunk, and hood jambs. Blast water out of body seams and from around windows and mirrors to avoid drip marks. Under the hood, dry out the engine compartment so you can dress and polish engine components. The Tornador Air Blow Out Gun works with an air compressor operating between 60 and 90 psi. Depress the trigger to release a powerful gust of air. Because the Tornador Air Blow Out Gun is designed to blow debris out of tight spaces, it is recommended that you wear appropriate eye and ear protection to avoid contact with loose debris. Specifications:
Free speed RPM 3600
Air Consumption I/min 40
Air Pressure 6.2 bar/90 psi
Weight: less than 1 lb.
Size: 155 x 245 mm (6.10 x 9.65 inches)

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