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Rupes BigFoot LHR21 MarkII Random Orbital Polisher

Rupes BigFoot LHR21 MarkII Random Orbital Polisher
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Product Description

The BigFoot series is back and better than ever!

When Rupes initially released the original LHR 15 & LHR 21, they had a huge impact on the detailing industry. Never before had polishers run as smoothly and as balanced as they did. They were the perfect machines for modern day paint correction, and it seems a little unbelievable that they could be improved upon. However, Rupes has done just that with the BigFoot MARKII series! Rupes took the factors and abilities that made the LHR 15 & 21 so popular and made massive improvements to the other aspects of the machines. Improvements such as a reinforced housing, rubber inserts inside the machine and out, and a stronger, more powerful motor.

Every detailer, young or old, big or small, novice or professional drops their polishers from time to time. It is unavoidable and can be devastating when dropping your polisher causes serious damage to the internal components. The Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II was created with a reinforced housing to ensure that when your machine is dropped, the internal motor components do not suffer the brunt of the damage! This ensures that your Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II will be able to meet and exceed any and all expectations for years to come!

The Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II was fitted with rubber inserts on the inside and the outside of the housing. These rubber inserts balance the machine out and distribute the weight of the machine evenly, creating a much more comfortable and easy polishing experience. There is also a rubber tool rest inserted on the top of the machine. The rubber tool rest allows you to place your machine pad-up on your car without damaging the paint of your vehicle or risking cross contamination of the product you are working with.

When Rupes was designing the new MARKII series, they put a major focus on power and correcting ability. The Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II has a starting RPM of 2500! When compared to the 2000 of the original LHR 21, you’ll definitely notice and significant increase to the power and torque of the machine. With a higher amount of power and torque, you are able to get much more correcting potential out of the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II. Even though the motor is capable of putting out a higher amount of power, it still has the same 500-watt draw. This means you don’t have to worry about needing more power to keep this machine running. If you are looking for a professional grade tool that will improve your polishing routine, then the Rupes Mark LHR21 Mark II is for you!

Technical Specs:
• RPM Speed: 2500 to 5300
• Power: 500 Watts
• Weight of Tool: 5.73 lbs.
• Orbit Stroke Length: 21 mm
• Length of machine: 12.5 inches

The Rupes BigFoot LHR21 MarkII includes a 6 inch backing plate.

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