RUPES BigFoot Nano iBrid Pads & Accessories

Keep your iBrid kit stocked with genuine refill iBrid refills and accessories!

With over 15 pieces and accessories included in the RUPES iBrid Short or Long Neck Kits, you’ll need to re-up your supply at some point. Adapters, backing plates, sanding discs, pads, products, etc., everything you need to refill that kit and get back to work!

Since making their official debut in the U.S. market in 2011, Rupes has taken the detailing world by storm by continuously introducing new polishing systems that redefine the detailing industry. This ambitious Italian toolmaker shows no signs of stopping anytime soon! The all-new Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology, another revolutionary polishing system and arguably the biggest step forward the industry has ever witnessed is now ready to order. This compact, lightweight polisher relies on advanced battery technology to enable you to accomplish polishing tasks you never thought possible.

All of the items on this page are genuine manufacturer replacement and refills products. Keep your new favorite polisher kit stocked with only the best!