Rupes Polishers

Rupes S.p.A. has been manufacturing high quality tools based on the principals of ingenuity, creativeness, intuitiveness and forward thinking since 1947. Back then, tools were made in a small building in Milan, Italy. By 1969, with the introduction of their first electric sander, their reputation for being innovators was cemented. Today, Rupes is a high quality manufacturing company with four different production sites. Now, like back then, each Rupes tool is designed with cutting edge technology and Italy's famous passion for excellence.

Rupes used their engineering expertise to create a new line of random orbital polishers which take advantage of a larger than normal orbit size. The polishers in this new class have earned the name Big Foot. Most traditional random orbital DA polishers feature a stroke size of between 4 and 8 millimeters. Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers feature either a large 15 mm stroke or a humongous 21 mm stroke. This allows them to polish the surface much faster while still retaining the finish and safety of other random orbital DA polisher designs. Rupes had to engineer every component of dual-action orbital polishing, from the pads and polishes, to the motor design, in order to create an efficient system with outstanding durability and performance.

With the Rupes Big Foot system you can allow their engineering to work for you. Rupes' polishes and their polishing foam pads are designed to work with the large orbit Big Foot Polishers in order to give you outstanding results without any of the guess work. Select from one of the four available combinations of polishes and pads, based on your needs, and let Rupes' passion for advanced engineering work for you.

The name Rupes (Roo-Pes) stands for “Realizzazione Utensili Pneumatici Elettrici Speciali.” Translated from Italian to English, this loosely means “Manufacturer of Special Pneumatic and Electric Tools.”