1-inch Round Natural Detail Brush

1-inch Round Natural Detail Brush
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Product Description

Wheels with narrow openings can be a real bear to clean. Soft-tip brushes arenít rigid enough to clean deep inside narrow openings. Stiff nylon bristle brushes can scratch the wheelís clear coat finish. You need to have a sturdy, but soft bristled brush that is able to effectively clean the wheels without harming them.

The solution is this 1 inch Round Natural Detail Brush. This brush features two inch natural bristles which are stiff enough to get deep into crevices yet soft enough to prevent scratches. The bristles are epoxy set in a plastic ferrule to prevent scratching wheel or paint surfaces. The lacquered wooden handle is complete with a hang-up hole. Round Detail Brush Makes Cleaning Lug Nuts Easy.
This is a great brush to remove dust around instruments on the dash, air vents and the shift gate on the console. You can also use this brush with a quick detailing spray to remove wax residues in body seams and around moldings and emblems. 1 x 12 inches.