Flex Polishers

Flex polishers are German-engineered for comfortable use, smooth operation, fast performance and reliable service. Quickly rising to the forefront of the car care industry, Flex tools are a favorite among detailing professionals and enthusiasts that appreciate the best that Germany has to offer. In the tradition of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, Flex polishers are finely-tuned machines designed to operate efficiently and with precision. Flex tools started in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1922 and for over 80 years, Flex tools has been committed to developing products that provide the industry with longer tool life and improved performance. "Quality tools for specialists."

Flex polishers are built to exact standards. Each Flex polisher features a durable housing, variable speed dial and trigger, controlled acceleration and advanced overload protection. To ensure a long operating life, Flex polishers also feature temperature monitoring and automatic shut-off. These features are what set Flex polishers apart form the rest.

Choose from the popular Flex XC3401 Dual Action Polisher, the Flex L3403 Lightweight Rotary Polisher or their newest machine the Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher. We've also assembled money-saving Flex polisher kits that take the guesswork out of selecting the best products to use with your Flex polisher. When you polish a car, boat, RV or aircraft with a Flex polisher, you will achieve the highest level of paint correction possible. Swirls, scratches and water spots don't stand when you use a Flex polisher.