FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher

FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher
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Product Description

The perfect polisher for your smaller paint surfaces!

The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher will allow you to eliminate swirls, scratches, and imperfections from the small areas on your car! The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher has features such as 12mm orbit, a VR microprocessor control, soft start, temperature monitoring, and increase air flow to the motor and gears, which allows you comfortability, precision, and safety while polishing. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher is perfectly designed to achieve immaculate results whether you are a novice detailer or a professional!

Polishing the smaller areas of your vehicle like the door jambs, window panels, raised edges, and around decals can be a quite the pain. Standard sized polishers are not capable of adequately polishing those areas, so many times those are neglected. While these areas may not be the first surface to which an on-looker’s eyes are pulled, if the damage is severe enough, it will distract from the rest of your panels no matter how flawlessly those panels are polished. It is important that you have a machine that is capable of polishing those surfaces without the risk of damage in the process. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher is designed to be used with 3.5 inch pads, this allows you to easily polish these hard to reach areas with ease!

One of the main focuses FLEX had when developing the FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher was efficiency and ease of use. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher was designed with a 12mm orbital throw which allows it to cover more surface area much quicker than a standard mini polisher. The ergonomic shape afforded by the “SoftGrip” handle allows for a more comfortable, secure grip during usage, allowing you to always buff with precision.

The secondary focus when developing the FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher was to ensure that your car’s paint is as safe as possible when using this machine. This is why the FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher was developed with temperature control and increased airflow to the motor and backing plate. These features allow the temperature on the surface of the buffing pad to be minimalized, effectively reducing the risk of burn-throughs while polishing.

Whether you are a professional detailer or just an enthusiast, it is important to make sure you always have the tool necessary to polish your paint to perfection. The FLEX XFE 7-12 3” Mini Polisher is another impeccable machine that will allow you to take your detailing potential to the next level!

Technical Specifications:
Maximum polishing pad diameter: 80
Maximum back-up pad diameter: 75
Orbit: 12
No load speed: 1,800-5,500
Orbit rate, no load: 3,600-10,800
Power input: 700
Power output: 420
Size (L x W): 12.5" x 4.72"
Standard equipment: Velcro backing pad - 75mm - 2.95"

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