Compounds, Polishes, and Swirl Removers

Let’s get one thing straight – polishes differ from waxes in the way that they often contain abrasives and/or chemical cleaners that are designed to smooth away imperfections and remove embedded dirt. Waxes and sealants, on the other hand, are simply designed to protect the finish while imparting a glossy, smooth finish. Which one should you use on your vehicle? The answer is BOTH!

Polishes are available in two types of formulas – abrasive and non-abrasive. Non-abrasive polishes are ideal for vehicles that are new or well-maintained. An example of a non-abrasive polish is BLACKFIRE Paint Cleaner. You would use this polish before applying a wax or sealant. It contains an advanced blend of cleaners and fillers that remove embedded dirt and road film while masking light imperfections – like swirl marks and scratches. BLACKFIRE Paint Cleaner is the first step in giving your paint the “wet look” that we all seek.

Abrasive polishes are designed to remove swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and other imperfections. An example of an abrasive polish is BLACKFIRE Polish. This polish contains mild diminishing abrasives that gently polish away swirl marks and scratches, leaving your paint smooth and glossy. You would only use this product if your vehicle’s paint has swirl marks or scratches.

Polishing is arguably the most important step in paint care, because it preps the surface for application of your wax or sealant. By polishing your vehicle before you wax it, you create a clean slate for the wax or sealant to adhere to, thus increasing the shine and durability.

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