32 oz.Item#: BF-340   
128 oz.Item#: BF-340-128   
5 GallonItem#: BF-340-5G   

Product Description

Perfectly prep you paint for any finishing product!

Blackfire Paint Prep will allow you to prep the surface of your paint for your favorite finishing product. Blackfire Paint Prep is formulated with effective cleaners and solvents that will not leave any marring or scratching behind on your paint. Blackfire Paint Prep eliminate the polishing oils, dust, fillers, and fingerprints that are on your paint, ensuring that the finishing product of your choice will adhere properly and is being applied to the most flawless surface possible. Blackfire Paint Prep has a very simple spray and wipe application that will ensure your surface is prepped quickly and efficiently.

When you are preparing to apply a coating or another finishing product to your paint, you need to make sure that the paint surface is properly prepped beforehand. There are many different contaminants that can exist on your paint even after you have spent hours carefully polishing every imperfection out of the surface. The surface could still be riddled with polished oils, dust, or fillers. All of these things will not only impact the look of your paint, but it will also prevent your choice of finishing product from properly adhering to the surface. Blackfire Paint Prep contains agents in its specially designed formula that will effectively target the contaminants on your paint and eradicate them. With these contaminants eliminated, you will finally be able to achieve the gloss you dreamed and ensure that any finishing product you apply will adhere to the surface fully.

There are other products on the market that promise that same results that Blackfire Paint Prep promises, however, they typically do so with harsh chemicals that can be extremely damaging to the paint surface. These chemicals can scratch and mar the paint surface, ruining the surface that you just spent hours methodically polishing. There is no point in removing all of the contaminants from the paint if you are just going to replace them with scratches and marring. Blackfire Paint Prep has an innovative formula that does not contain any harmful or harsh chemicals that would ruin your perfect finish.

-Apply on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
-Spray BLACKFIRE Paint Prep onto the surface that you are prepping.
-Wipe the surface clean with a dry microfiber towel.

32 oz.

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