BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser 128 oz

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser 128 oz
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Takes all the grease out of the equation, even the elbow kind!

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser was created to succeed where all other cleaners fail. When you are working on areas of your car that are covered in caked on grime and grease, BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser will quickly break them down and make removing those messes easier than it has ever been before. While BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is extremely powerful, it can easily be diluted for optimal results in whatever you need it for! Even though BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser packs a heavy punch, its phosphate and residue free formula is biodegradable, making it perfectly safe for you and any environment you use it in!

A car, while being a convenient form of transportation and a canvas for artists of the detailing persuasion, does create and gather quite a bit of stubborn messes. Whether it be the oil and grease build-up on in the engine compartment or the road grime and caked on mud on your undercarriage, not all messes can be cleaned with just a little bit of elbow grease. For these more stubborn and resilient messes, you need a cleaner that is capable of cutting through and breaking down those incredibly tough contaminants.

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser was formulated using highly-effective cleaner agents that are able to penetrate through types of contamination that other cleaners may fall short on. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser also manages to accomplish such a feat faster than you would even think is possible! The proprietary ingredients used in BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser will work to not just loosen, but actually dissolve the grease and grime!

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser, when diluted accordingly, is so powerful that only a minimal amount of scrubbing is necessary for the even the greasiest engine compartments! Simply spray BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser onto the surface, agitate (if necessary), and rinse away! Before you know it, your once dirty engine compartment will be free of grease, grime, and dirt! Follow up with a layer of BLACKFIRE Trim & Tire Protectant to keep your trim pieces protected!

BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is quite a flexible and versatile product as well! While it is entirely capable of handling your toughest messes and contaminants, BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser can be diluted to the strength required the specific task you are working on! You will be able to handle a wide variety of job with varying contamination severity all with ONE bottle of BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser!

Mike Phillips Engine Detailing Pro-Tip: Speedmaster Wheel Brush is a must-have brush for engine cleaning. The bendable stalk allows you to easily reach behind many awkward engine components.

With products as strong as BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser, a lot of people worry about how it affects them and their environment. And if they were talking about some of the other degreasers on the market, they would be right to do so. However, BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is not formulated like the other degreasers. BLACKFIRE Super Degreaser is made using a formula that is phosphate-free, residue-free, and biodegradable, making it safe for use in all environments!

Recommended Dilutions:
For heavy degreasing: dilute 1 parts chemical to 4 parts water (1:4)
For moderate degreasing: dilute 1 parts chemical to 10 parts water (1:10)
For light degreasing: dilute 1 parts chemical to 15 parts water (1:15)

Being careful of overspray, spray Super Degreaser onto the surface to be treated and allow to dwell for approximately 5 minutes. Depending on the severity of contamination, use an all-purpose brush to agitate the surface before rinsing completely away.

128 oz.

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