6.5 inch Hook & Loop DuroWool 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad

6.5 inch Hook & Loop DuroWool 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad
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Product Description

For fast removal of serious of paint defects!

  • High level of cutting power
  • Remove oxidation, severe scratches, and sanding marks
  • Long-lasting, 4-ply twisted wool fibers

The DuroWool 6.5 Inch 4-Ply Twisted Wool Cutting Pad by Lake Country creates an aggressive cutting action for fast removal of the most severe paint defects. Dull sanded surfaces, deep scratches, oxidation, bug staining and rain etching don't stand a chance. Like all Lake Country products, the DuroWool 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad is made of the highest quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Lake Country's DuroWool pads are made of 4-ply wool that is tightly twisted into individual yarns. This gives the wool a high level of aggression for extended periods of time. Each wool strand is 1 inch long for maximum operating life. Wool pads increase the surface area of the pad, allowing more polish to work at a given time. DuroWool 6.5 Inch 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pads allow air to flow between the individual strands, keeping the surface temperature cooler to avoid overheating the paint.

To maintain maximum performance of your DuroWool pad clean the pad after each section with a Lake Country Wool Pad Spur. Wash your Lake Country DuroWool pad frequently using a System 2000 Pad Washer to maintain maximum performance.

The Lake Country DuroWool 6.5 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad will deliver maximize cutting power when used with a 6 Inch Rotary Backing Plate on a rotary polisher. Use a heavy cut compound in combination with moderate to high rotary speeds, between 1200-1800 rpm, for fast removal of serious paint defects.